New York High School Approves Student’s Right to Form “Dare to Believe” Christian Club

Wantagh High School student Liz Loverde (Liberty Institute)
Wantagh High School student Liz Loverde (Liberty Institute)

Liberty Institute and Its Client Liz Loverde Grateful Wantagh Union Free School District’s Decision to Officially Recognize “Dare To Believe” Club

Liberty Institute is pleased by the announced decision of Wantagh Union Free School District to recognize Liz Loverde’s right to form a faith-based club on campus. Only days after attorneys sent a demand letter challenging a principal’s wrongful rejection, school officials announced their intention to follow the laws that have been on the books since 1984 that guarantee the right of student religious groups – like “Dare To Believe” – to meet on campus as an official student club.

“We are glad the school district has announced that it is doing the right thing by recognizing Liz Loverde’s club Dare to Believe,” said Jeremy Dys, Senior Counsel with Liberty Institute. “It took a lot of courage for a 15-year-old girl to come forward to reveal that her principal said Christian clubs are illegal. It is always a scary position for students to take a stand against government school authorities who hold significant power over their everyday lives. We look forward to Wantagh High School respecting Liz’s religious liberty at school.”

Officials with Wantagh Union Free School District announced the decision to the press over the weekend.

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SOURCE: Liberty Institute

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