Mercy Chefs Serving Up One-Millionth Meal for Thanksgiving (Video)


Thanksgiving is a special time for a family of gourmet cooks who travel the world to feed people during disasters. They’re called Mercy Chefs.

This year, Mercy Chefs’ mobile kitchens are on the road in five cities to serve at least 5,000 people. But the team of volunteers is marking an even bigger milestone. They are serving up their one-millionth meal.

Serving delicious meals to people in need at Thanksgiving is a tradition for the ministry that spends the rest of the year feeding victims of some the country’s biggest disasters.

Chef Gary LeBlanc created Mercy Chefs eight years ago, answering God’s simple call for him to “go feed people.”

“Something amazing happens over a shared meal,” LeBlanc said. “We do it as family. We do it as friends. But to be able to go into a challenging situation, whether it is a storm or poverty and share that meal with somebody, it makes a connection that lasts.”

LeBlanc talked with CBN News about the ministry’s Thanksgiving services.

“We always try to go back to an area where we have worked during the year in a disaster,” LeBlanc said. “Thankfully, this year we don’t have that big disaster to go back to. So we have spread our three trucks around the country and we’re doing Thanksgiving with ministry partners all over.”

The marathon feeding tour began in three cities in Virginia: Norfolk, Suffolk, and Hampton. It then continued to Texas, with multiple stops in Dallas and San Antonio.

Pastor Jimmy Robles routinely works an area of San Antonio with his Last Chance Ministries. This year, Mercy Chefs’ work helped him expand his reach from hundreds to thousands.

“Right here, it’s considered one of the worst, one of the darkest areas,” he said. “So, what we like to do is go into the darkest areas of the city of San Antonio and just bring the llight, which is Jesus Christ.”

“When I saw that chef get off the vehicle earlier and he was actually dressed like a chef, that was kind of impressive to be able to see them in full uniform,” he added. “To me it was like a soldier on duty, ready to rock and roll.”

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