Chester A. Hicks Challenges the Question of WHY? When It Comes to God In New Book


The word “why” is a pivotal word in our society. It demands a response and sometimes when there is not response, it is persistent until a response is given. Many times, the whys in life go unanswered. Why is there violence? Why do children die? Why do bad things happen to good people? These are all examples of how the question of why can linger for days, weeks, months, and years. One may question his lot in life and yet remain in that same place until he the end of his days never having received an answer to why. The question of why demands a reason, a purpose, an aim at the end.

In the pages of WHY? The Children of Newtown from God’s Perspective, Chester A. Hicks delves into this all important, abstract topic and question when it comes to God. Hicks does not belittle questions finite people have of an infinite God, but he explains in simple terms how God often puts a face on tragic events and offers lessons in such situations that He wants His people to learn. Evil, according to Hicks, is used by God to draw His creation closer to knowing Him, following Him, and loving Him.

Readers will learn to view things from God’s perspective, even tragic inexplicable events. While the question of why will never go away, WHY? The Children of Newtown from God’s Perspective encourages readers to have faith in God’s sovereignty and offers points on how to see all situations, both good and bad, the same way God sees them — as a part of His divine will for mankind.

Chester A. Hicks has been a serious scholar of God’s Word through the reading of the Bible and the preached Word. He accepted Jesus Christ as a very young child. He has been a Sunday school teacher for 46 years and has been writing Sunday school lessons for 40 years. He was taught by some of the best Bible scholars of our time.

The late William Love and the late R. L. Butler were the leaders and teachers of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Sunday School College in Chicago, Ill where I received the majority of my training.

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