Country Singer Raelynn Has a Positive Message to Share With “God Made Girls” Anthem

(Photo credit: YouTube/VEVO)
(Photo credit: YouTube/VEVO)

A phone call with the positively effervescent RaeLynn is truly the best way to start your day.

I was fortunate enough to snag some phone time with the newcomer this week, and within two minutes, I felt like I was catching up with a best girlfriend or the sister I never had.

Fashion, hair extensions, Dolly Parton — no topic was off limits, which is one of the many things to love about the 20-year-old Texas native and Team Blake Shelton alumnus on The Voice.

And don’t be fooled by my mention of our frivolous talk. She is so much more than just a beautiful, blonde, bold personality with a big voice. Her voice has a big message you’ll hear in her debut single, “God Made Girls.” It’s the perfect reminder to all the gals out there that you are worthy, special and a true treasure. And it’s not just the young ladies the singer is reaching with the single. It’s all the ladies.

“It relates to so many women, and it’s because you had so many strong women that were involved in the hand of writing it,” she said.

She co-wrote the song with Liz Rose, Lori McKenna and another alumnus from The Voice, Nicolle Galyon. And despite all of them being at four very different places in their lives, the special bond they share as women helped create a beautiful opportunity for this song to speak to a much wider audience.

“We all have different perspectives of being a girl in the world, and we all have different stories, and we all see things in a different light,” RaeLynn said. “And so you have all those different stories. You’re gonna write a song that reaches all those age groups.”

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