Singer Michael Gungor Suggests Jesus Could Have Been Wrong About Existence of Adam, Noah

Michael Gungor performs at Wild Goose West. (Photo by Bill Dahl for Wild Goose)
Michael Gungor performs at Wild Goose West. (Photo by Bill Dahl for Wild Goose)

Controversy continues to stir over statements made by a professing Christian singer/songwriter who denies Genesis as being literal after the musician recently asserted on an online podcast that Jesus could have been wrong about the existence of Adam and Noah.

As previously reported, Michael Gungor and his wife Lisa, who in 2006 formed a congregation called “Bloom” in Denver, are known for their the Dove Award-winning and Grammy nominated worship music, such as Beautiful Things, Say So and Dry Bones. In 2013, they won an award from the Independent Music Awards for their live performance album A Creation Liturgy.

But in 2012, Michael Gungor, the son of pastor and author Ed Gungor, revealed in a blog post entitled A Worshiping Evolutionist? that he had concluded that the Genesis account is only figurative.

“I guess I’ll have to come out of the closet and admit… I don’t believe in a literal six-day creation,” he wrote. “Genesis is a poem if I’ve ever seen one.”

Earlier this year, Gungor revealed his thoughts even further, explaining in a blog post entitled What Do We Believe? that he “has no more ability to believe” in Genesis as being literal.

“I have no more ability to believe, for example, that the first people on earth were a couple named Adam and Eve that lived 6,000 years ago,” he wrote. “I have no ability to believe that there was a flood that covered all the highest mountains of the world only 4,000 years ago and that all of the animal species that exist today are here because they were carried on an ark and then somehow walked or flew all around the world from a mountain in the middle east after the water dried up.”

The matter recently went viral online after reports emerged about Gungor’s position, and at least one church canceled an upcoming concert with the artist. A radio station in Wisconsin also opted not to have any participation in an upcoming event that featured Gungor, stating that they “cannot be a party to introducing more doubt into the hearts and minds of young Christians already being fed doubt and lies by the world.”

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SOURCE: Christian News Network
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