Kevin Maurice Mitchell Shares his Life Story with Young Men in New Book, “Framed by God”


Life often throws quick punches, curveballs, and adversities that seem beyond our ability to handle. Sometimes success seems so far away and whether or not one is reaching their full potential is questionable. Yielding to the opinions of others may be easier to do than yielding to the voice of God. In his book, Framed by God, author Kevin Maurice Mitchell, shares stories of his life in hopes of inspiring people, especially young men, to be all that God wants them to be.

Kevin Mitchell informs men, both young and old, of their purpose in life, what God believes about them, and how their success is defined and determined. Framed by God shows readers why it’s more important to believe in God and trust His word when it comes to your life. Kevin Mitchell shows how difficult circumstances in our lives are reasons to grow, improve, gain wisdom, build character, and anticipate a bright future. By telling his own experiences, and sharing stories of his life, Kevin Mitchell opens up a vein and pours out hope, insight, and encouragement.

Kevin Mitchell was born in Princeton, WV, and grew up in an impoverished community. His childhood was generally an unhappy one marked by abuse, homelessness, and hopelessness. But from an early age, Kevin wanted to be a writer and often tried his hand at writing. As a student, he wrote a poem which the music teacher put to music for the 1989 Graduating Class of Oakvale High School. When asked where his love for writing comes from, Kevin admits, “I was never good at expressing myself with audible words. I found my greatest comfort in being able to write down my feelings on paper. It was a great coping mechanism for me.”

In writing Framed by God Kevin wants to inspire hope in people — young men especially — with the stories of how he overcame adversity. He has many years of experience working with troubled youth as a member of Associated Marine Institute, the Department of Juvenile Justice, and as a Sheriff’s Deputy. Kevin holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice. He lives in Sterling, Virginia with his wife, Tonya, and son, Joshua.

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