Rapper Tedashii Says Life of John the Baptist Helped Him Overcome Death of Son

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(Merge PR)

Christian rapper Tedashii’s one-year-old son died in a car crash last year—something that rocked the family man to the core of his soul.

The grief led to substance abuse, marital tensions and a lifestyle that contradicted the faith he had been rhyming about for years. But the Reach Records recording artist says the word of God refocused him.

“I could no longer work off the grief and run from the pain and I ended up just finding myself in some dark places,” he said in an interview with the Christian Post. “The reality of who I said I was wasn’t matching what I was doing.”

After the Texas-based lyricist received the devastating news of his youngest child’s death by phone, he grew instantly depressed, stayed in his bedroom for two days and refused to eat anything.

In Tedashii’s song “Dark Days, Darker Nights” featuring Britt Nicole off his Below Paradise album, he goes into detail about the destructive cycle he slipped into.

Away from the stage and all the lights, camera, action, Tedashii was drinking hard liquor until he vomited, getting sky high on marijuana and womanizing.

According to the member of the 116 clique, that dark, uncharacteristic phase didn’t last long.

”Through the month of May of last year, through the month of June, that was kind of the season when I said this has to change.”

He decided “I want to live righteously and I want to be true to who I am.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
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