“All Summer Long”: New Christian Reality Show for Teens Debuts

The new Christian reality show "All Summer Long" follows a young, bold, charismatic comedy sketch group as they minister together. (YouTube)
The new Christian reality show “All Summer Long” follows a young, bold, charismatic comedy sketch group as they minister together. (YouTube)

In a market saturated with scripted reality television shows, the authenticity of All Summer Long is a breath of fresh air. The new teen Christian reality program by executive producer and co-creator Edward J. Portillo follows a college-aged sketch comedy team as they travel to Christian summer camps across the U.S. to perform, serve and mentor young people.

The show debuted on JUCEtv, Parables.tv and Newreleasetuesday.com this spring.

With roots running deep in the Assemblies of God, Portillo attended Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California, where he belonged to “The Delivery Boys,” a summer camp ministry team.

After the first week of traveling with the team to AG-affiliated camps, Portillo says he quickly realized the experience involved more about work in the trenches with the youth than comedy.

“That ended up changing my life,” Portillo says. “Up until that point, I had not understood relational evangelism. I didn’t understand what was truly mentoring.”

Based on this experience, Portillo began working on All Summer Long in 2008 with the threefold purpose of reinvigorating summer camps for young people, emphasizing the importance of mentoring youth and validating young people to explore the creative arts in their church community.

He also strives to tell engaging stories that are worthy of a broad audience while being rooted in a Christian worldview and to create content that resonates with the appetite of today’s culture without diluting the redeeming message of the gospel.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Shannon M. Nass

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