Study Finds Majority of Pastors Are Ill-Equipped to Handle Domestic, Sexual Violence Issues


Within the church, pastors discuss and give insight on many things. A recent study shows that one issue that effects millions of Americans has pastors feeling ill-equipped on how to address it properly. That issue is domestic and sexual violence. a study conducted by LifeWay Research shows that pastors often fail to appropriately address this issue and are unsuited to respond to situations involving domestic and sexual violence within their communities.

The survey of 1,000 Protestant pastors shows that an astonishing majority of pastors (74%) unknowingly miscalculate the amount of domestic and sexual violence that happens within their congregations. Even with millions facing these issues, about two out of three (65%) pastors say they only touch on the topic once or twice a year and usually providing support that “does more harm than good”.

On a brighter side, 80% of faith leaders state that they would take the right steps in trying to reduce the violence if they were given the right training and resources to properly serve their congregations. “This is a conversation the church needs to be having but isn’t,” said Jim Wallis, president and founder of faith and social justice advocacy group Sojourners. “We cannot remain silent when our sisters and brothers live under the threat of violence in their homes and communities.”

A report detailing the poll’s findings and methodology, entitled “Broken Silence: A Call for Churches to Speak Out,” is available by clicking here.

Shanay J. Campbell

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