Former Disney Star, David Henrie, Releases “Catch” Short Movie In Time for Fathers Day (Video)

David Henrie
David Henrie

Fathers’ Day is right around the corner, and one Hollywood actor wants to send a message to fathers via his new short movie, Catch.

California native David Henrie, 24, grew up in the entertainment industry and understood first-hand the impact movies and television have on the culture. After landing several recurring roles on TV shows like That’s So Raven and How I Met Your Mother, David’s rise to fame began when he received a main role on Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place.

After a five-year run with Disney Channel, David has now poured his heart and soul into a short movie that he wrote and directed himself. Set to release the week before Fathers Day, Catch is a very powerful and inspirational story exploring the important relationship between fathers and sons. Movieguide had the chance to speak with David about the influence of fathers and the importance of using movies to inspire.

Movieguide: The theme of Catch is all about fatherhood. What sort of inspired that message?

David Henrie: My favorite movies growing up were always father/son stories. That moment at the end of Field of Dreams is something I’ll never forget. I had always wanted to create that relationship and do it in a powerful way, because, as a little kid, you automatically look at your father like a superhero. A lot of the time, fathers are so busy with work or busy with trying to provide for the family, I call it the “Good Dad problem” actually. You know, it’s a dad that is trying to provide for his family, but, at the end of the day, that can come at a price if you do it to the excess. So, I have wanted to create a story that deals with that issue that so many families deal with. So that way when they’re spending time with their family, they can see that this time is important, this time needs to be quality time. I really wanted to shine a spotlight on time and how time is spent. Because so many times, when the dads are back home, spending time with the family, they’re not present, they’re trying to figure out how to get ahead. That time is important.

Movieguide: Growing up in the entertainment industry, do you feel this message is especially important for Hollywood?

David Henrie: 100%. Because our industry is one that’s not a typical 9-5, you’re always working, you’re always watching movies, and you’re always figuring out different avenues of getting your project made. Even if you have a normal job at a studio, your brain is always ticking, it’s always figuring out who I’ve got to get this script to, who I gotta be in business with, etc., etc. So, a lot of the time, it’s hard to shut that off.

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