Former Bears LB Mike Singletary Discusses His Christian Faith, Relationship With Father at Illinois Church

Mike Singletary (Warren Little/Getty Images Europe)
Mike Singletary (Warren Little/Getty Images Europe)

Believe it or not, former Bears player Mike Singletary’s biggest challenge in life wasn’t on the football field; it was trying to make sense of his Christian faith and the relationship he had with his father.

“The older I get, I realized how important fathers are,” Singletary said. “You look at the statistics about homes without fathers … it’s staggering.”

Singletary was the special guest Saturday for Parkview Christian Church’s Father’s Day Weekend in Orland Park. The annual event often is used as a way to welcome those who do not go to church on a regular basis.

Unlike most of the lectures Singletary speaks at, this one was done in a conversational setting with church Pastor Tim Harlow.

The Hall of Fame linebacker talked about faith, courage and love along with the strained relationship he had with his father, Charles. He used two suitcases to illustrate his point.

“Being a father is such an opportunity,” Singletary told the congregation. “Many fathers are packing around this stuff. I’m not taking my stuff and passing it on to my kids.”

Singletary, a father of seven, said he leaned on his faith to find answers.

“Lord, show me a way to get rid of this stuff,” he said.

Harlow said Singletary’s background along his Christian faith made him the perfect choice to speak to the congregation.

“Everybody in Chicago still loves the Bears. The ’85 Bears, and they will always love Mike,” Harlow said. “I knew of his testimony, and I knew it would be guys out there saying, ‘I wanna hear Mike.’ ”

Singletary’s wife, Kim, said that the family was excited to participate.

“We’re excited to be here. He’s a wonderful representation of what a father should be,” she said. “I think he’s been successful as a father and as a husband. He can share from his heart.”

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SOURCE: Southtown Star
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