In New Book, Pastor Arthur L. Mackey, Jr. Offers Seven Keys to Unleashing Positive and Progressive Principles to Fulfill Your Purpose in Life


In his newest book, Moving Forward and Making a Difference, Arthur L. Mackey Jr. shows readers the importance of living life based upon a certain set of principles that will allow one to move forward and make a difference in life and in the world.

Everyone seems to be talking about moving forward. From believers and nonbelievers to journalists and politicians, people from all walks of life want to move forward into positive and meaningful purpose. In the pages of this book, Mackey chronicles great thinkers and notable past and present day movers and shakers of history such as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, Joel Osteen, Oprah Winfrey, Isreal Houghton, Frederick Douglass, and John Maxwell who have emphasized the importance of the concept of moving forward.

Mackey makes it crystal clear when, where, why, what, and with whom this moving forward concept and conversation first began. Mackey clearly shows in Moving Forward and Making a Difference that God Himself was the Being to first proclaim the positive and progressive message that motivates the masses in drastic need of freedom and economic, social, and political change.

Based upon Exodus 14:15 which records the story of Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and into the Promised Land, Mackey shows readers how they too can move out of current setbacks, hinderances, and stumbling blocks into the promise and purpose that God has for them.

Here is what others are saying about Arthur L. Mackey, Jr. and his books:

“Learning has always been the thrust that propelled Arthur…His zeal toward God and understanding of the Scriptures, as inspired by the Holy Spirit, will indeed transform and increase your spiritual comprehension as it has mine.”
Pastor Donnie McClurkin
on Walking Through The Doorways of Destiny

“…certainly an impressive volume.”
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
on The Biblical Principles of Success

“Thank you Arthur, for your outstanding book. The clear principles in this book attack mediocrity, challenging us to make things happen and to never give up. I highly recommend it!”
John Mason, Motivational Speaker
on The Biblical Principles of Success

Arthur L. Mackey Jr. is the senior pastor of the historic Mount Sinai Baptist Church Cathedral in Roosevelt, New York. He is a graduate of Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia, where he majored in religion and philosophy. He has ministered throughout America, Europe, and Africa. He is married to Elder Brenda J. Mackey and they have three children: Yolanda, Jordan, and Faith.

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Moving Forward and Making a Difference (978-0991585649) is available on and Amazon Kindle. Soon to be available as apps on the iPhone and Android.

SOURCE: Vision Public Relations Group

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