Christian Rappers Unite to Keep the “Christian” Label In Rap Music

Buck Barnabas says, "That's what I call myself: a Christian rapper"
Buck Barnabas says, “That’s what I call myself: a Christian rapper”

Atlanta-based rapper Lecrae Moore, CEO of Reach Records, has caused quite a bit of controversy after saying he no longer wants to be called “Christian rapper,” because it boxes him in. The 34-year-old who was once vocal about his faith in his rhymes has toned down the Jesus talk quite a bit.

But there is a groundswell of opposition to his viewpoint from many within the faith community who feel that stripping the “Christian” label away from rap is the wrong way to approach evangelism.

One of the leaders of the charge is Double Edge Ministries CEO and Christian rapper, Kre8tor.

His new song C.R.I.D., an acronym for “Christian Rap Is Dead,” is one of the boldest, most pointed statements against the anti-Christian-rapper-label sentiment to emerge from the genre.

Don’t let the title deceive you. The message that Kre8tor is communicating is that rappers “act like” Christian rap is dead, while it is very much alive in the hearts, minds and verses of plenty of rappers who are truly, without shame, proclaiming their allegiance to Christ through both their music and lifestyle.

In behind-the-scenes footage of the video for C.R.I.D. Kre8tor, a sought-after video director and movie producer, is shown with a group of lyricists from Western New York, proudly owning their Christian rap title and sharing why they believe it’s important to hold onto the label.

“You ain’t gotta call me a rapper, but call me a Christian,” said Double Edge Ministries artist and actor Buck Barnabas. “It ain’t controversial, it’s just the word of God man.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine

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