Christian Ministry Leader, Douglas Phillips, Sued for Keeping Nanny as “Sex Object”


Douglas Phillips, whose career in Christian ministry included making Christian movies, finds himself in his own docu-drama: Lourdes Torres-Manteufel is a former family friend who claims Phillips kept her around as a personal sex object.

She filed a lawsuit this week, seeking damages.

The 29-pages give graphic details of groping and fondling of the then-21-year old’s body, but stops short of alleging the two had sexual intercourse.

“As a public figure, I let people down,” said Phillips. “She has alleged certain things that are absolutely false. They are made up.”

Phillips, with his wife Beall at his side, spoke exclusively with KENS 5.

In 2013, Phillips voluntarily resigned from his leadership position at the family’s Baptist Church in Boerne, Texas.

He told KENS 5 Lourdes Torres-Manteufel’s allegations of sexual behavior are false.

“The majority of our communication was probably over the Internet. And it was largely emotional, although it did cross the lines into other areas.”

As for the “other areas,” neither Phillips nor his attorney would discuss.

But Phillips said his confession in 2013 cost him his job and his ministry, Vision Forum Ministries and Vision Forum, Incorporated.

Phillips said his beliefs are now under assault, since he is part of a larger, national homeschooling movement.

It was in his homeschooling environment where Phillips first met Torres-Manteufel and her family.

He is also a vocal advocate of a strong family, where daughters are taught to stay under their father’s roof until they marry.

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Joe Conger

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