BREAKING NEWS: China Shuts Down Ties With USA Due to Pelosi’s Unwise and Unnecessary Trip to Taiwan in an Already Powder Keg World

Taiwan Air Force Mirage fighter jets taxi on a runway at an airbase in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Friday, Aug. 5, 2022. China says it summoned European diplomats in the country to protest statements issued by the Group of Seven nations and the European Union criticizing threatening Chinese military exercises surrounding Taiwan. (AP Photo/Johnson Lai)

China declared Friday it was stopping all dialogue with the United States on major issues, from climate change to military relations, in a day of rapidly escalating tensions over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The White House summoned China’s ambassador to protest what it called China’s “irresponsible” actions since the visit.


China’s military exercises off Taiwan in reaction to Pelosi’s visit earlier this week were of “concern to Taiwan, to us, and to our partners around the world,” spokesman John Kirby said in a statement after Thursday’s formal diplomatic rebuke to Ambassador Qin Gang at the White House.

China’s measures, which come amid cratering relations between Beijing and Washington, are the latest in a promised series of steps intended to punish the U.S. for allowing the visit to the island it claims as its own territory, to be annexed by force if necessary. China on Thursday launched threatening military exercises in six zones just off Taiwan’s coasts, and they will run through Sunday.