Kanye West’s New Music Video ‘Heaven and Hell’ Has Biblical Elements, Shows The Rapture

Rapper Kanye West shared a faith-filled message in the new video for his single, Heaven and Hell, which debuted Monday across social media.

It’s the latest single off of West’s tenth studio album Donda, which was released last summer.

The first part of the almost three-minute video shows a series of images, including a baby, in dark and dismal areas with people’s faces completely covered in black.

Biblical references about prayer and salvation are shown throughout the song with West telling listeners to place their faith in God rather than humanity.

“Make this final, make this, my eyes closed,” West raps. “Burn false idols, Jesus’ disciples. I can feel your pain now, I done bled my vein out. New level the game now, simulation changed.

“I know the real you. You know we feel you. You know He hears you. You know we with you. You pray? We pray too. Never too late for Him to save you,” the song continues.

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Source: CBN