Paralympian Jessica Long Had 50 Gold Medals but No Peace, Then She Gave Her Heart to Jesus

Jessica Long is a 13-time world record holder and one of the most decorated Olympic champions ever – but she says she’s finally found something much greater than gold.

Jessica made headlines earlier this year during the Super Bowl, and some say she was actually the real star of that night’s events. A Toyota commercial about her life aired during the big game and quickly went viral.

Over the course of sixty seconds, it told Jessica’s inspiring story, beginning in a Russian orphanage and ending with Olympic glory.

In 2004, at the age of 12, Jessica became the youngest Paralympian to win a gold medal. In fact, that year she won three.

“There was 20-some thousand people who had just watched that race, so I was just trying to catch my breath, excited that my family saw it and just that I couldn’t wait to see them,” she recalls.

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Source: CBN, Will Dawson