Canadian Priest Accuses Victims of Abuse at Catholic Church-run Native American Boarding Schools of Being Liars Who Made It Up to Get Thousands of Dollars in Compensation

A Canadian priest said reporting of more than a century of abuse of indigenous children at residential schools – where more than 1,000 graves have been found since May – is ‘fake news.’

Father Rhéal Forest went on to accuse survivors of lying about sexual abuse to get money from court settlements during a July 10 mass at St. Emile Roman Catholic Church in Winnipeg.

‘If they wanted extra money, from the money that was given to them, they had to lie sometimes – lie that they were abused sexually and, oop, another $50,000,’ Forest said. ‘So it’s kind of hard if you’re poor not to lie but all the ones I met said they liked the residential schools.’

Eight days later, during a July 18 sermon, he said he wanted to shoot church vandals with a shotgun.

The Manitoba archdiocese has since been made aware of his comments and banned him from publicly teaching, and the St. Emile Church removed the videos of his sermons.

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Source: By Christopher Eberhart for