Diver Comes Face-to-Face With Huge Shark While Freediving Near Florida

A diver has come face-to-face with an abnormally big female shark while freediving off the coast of Florida.

John Moore, 55, managed to capture several astonishing images of the giant shark near Jupiter earlier this month.

He managed to snap the huge female showing her rows of razor-sharp teeth and yellow-tinted eyes, while swimming among a shiver of bull sharks.

Moore is an experienced diver, photographer, and conservation advocate. He frequently shares pictures of sharks off the coast of Florida on Instagram.

He said: ‘She was an abnormally large female. Very likely pregnant and certainly hadn’t skipped any meals.’

He explained the bull shark is likely overweight because of the influx of bait fish in the early spring.

Pictures show the massive female feeding with her head, chest fixed, and using her pectoral fins to slow her down.

Moore added: ‘She was a very dominant shark, confidently coming right up to me throughout our dive’.

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Source: Daily Mail