Outcry as Video Shows Robodog Patrolling With NYPD

A new video going viral on Twitter shows a robot police dog patrolling with cops from the New York City police department.

The unit, a Spot robodog built by Boston Dynamics, can be seen going for a walk around a public sidewalk, surrounded by several police staff.

The sighting was met with outrage, with many bystanders audibly voicing their displeasure with the dystopian “Black Mirror”-like appearance.

“I ain’t never seen nothing like this in my life,” the person filming the video can be heard saying.

Renowned New York Times journalist Kara Swisher was equally appalled.

“What the fuck is this is the exact right reaction,” she tweeted in response to the video.

It’s still unclear how the NYPD is planning to make use of the robot. The video comes after several instances of police staff rolling out the robot dog in public streets.

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Source: Futurism