ISS cameras capture huge ‘400ft triangular UFO’ soaring behind SpaceX craft

A conspiracy theorist is convinced he has found a triangular UFO hovering behind SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft as it docked at the International Space Station (ISS).

The truth-seeker, known as “Mr MBB333” on YouTube, shared the ISS footage online and pointed out the “illuminating object” travelling past the spacecraft.

In the clip shared by one of his followers in early April, the ISS camera is aimed in the direction of where Crew Dragon “Resilience” capsule is docking in space.

The YouTuber says: “You can see an obvious bright light moving in an opposite direction.

“I zoom in on it, I slow it down. I don’t alter it anyway other than trying to pull it forward for some possible features on this craft and it does look like a triangle craft.”

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Source: Daily Star