Letter Showing Lord of the Rings Creator JRR Tolkien’s Vision of What a Hobbit Looks Like Is Set to Sell for $25,000

A candid letter by J.R.R Tolkien describing what hobbits should look like has emerged for sale for £15,000.

The Lord of the Rings creator tells an illustrator they should be ‘absolutely ordinary human beings’ and ‘not too childlike’.

He adds that characters like Bilbo Baggins need to have ‘a neat goatee’ or ‘buskin of hair’.

The illustrator, a Miss Sykes, had submitted some drawings of hobbits to Tolkien in a previous correspondence.

Tolkien was seemingly so impressed with her drawings he offered to buy some of them in the letter from July 1956, although he added he has no money to pay in advance.

He writes: ‘I have shown your drawings to other “readers” and the response has been good; though most agree that the best way of doing hobbits is to make them absolutely ordinary human beings (except for a neat goatee or buskin of hair), and not too childlike, round-eyed etc.

‘…I should be very pleased to see any further drawings you make; though I cannot encourage any great hopes of your labour being rewarded in a practical way in the near future.

‘I like some of the drawings so much that I should like to consider asking you to allow me to purchase some for myself.’

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Source: Daily Mail