Al Mohler Warns That Speculating Voter Fraud Without Specifics is Dangerous to America

On November 5, 2020, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) President and influential theologian Albert Mohler made comments in his podcast The Briefing regarding voter fraud and how Americans should react. Mohler shared earlier this year that he would be voting for Donald Trump, after as he put it he “regretted” giving his 2016 vote “minimal importance by casting it for a third-party candidate.”

Mohler pointed out that as it currently stands, the forecast of the 2020 Presidential election looks to favor Joe Biden. Reports show Biden reaching the much needed 270 Electoral College votes in projected results.

President Trump and his supporters have been very clear how they feel there have been multiple “election irregularities,” as Mohler called them. There are two issues that need to be confronted clearly, the SBTS president said.

“No American should be willing to allow for [election fraud] to happen,” Mohler told his audience. If there is credible evidence of any effort to commit voter fraud “then that needs to be identified and investigated.” Mohler clearly pointed out that if an investigation does not change the results of the election, “Americans should deal with that.”

Mohler then said, “All Americans should be agreed that every single vote of every single citizen should be counted.” He then expressed, “Furthermore, we must believe that an election isn’t over until every single vote of every single citizen, rightly and lawfully cast is counted.” Every single American citizen should not be satisfied “if there is any question about the actual veracity of the voting process,” Mohler clearly stated.

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Source: Church Leaders