Oprah Winfrey Surprises Texas Voters by Cold Calling People and Urging Them to Make Their Voices Heard

Oprah Winfrey is trying her all to make sure everyone votes.

The billionaire media mogul wasn’t above doing a bit of footwork, as she sat down to cold call Texas voters and urge them to go to the polls or drop off their absentee ballots on or by November 3rd.

Oprah’s day at the phone started off on a high note after the super-celebrity reached one starstruck fan who was ready to put democracy into action ASAP.

The O Magazine covergirl, 66, was dressed for the moment in video from her at-home phone banking session, which was done in partnership with Beto O’Rourke’s Powered By People organization.

Clad in a shirt that said ‘Your voice matters’ in red, white and blue, she was ready to dial in.

The first person she reached was a man named Christian, who was wowed once he realized who he was speaking to.

But then Oprah got down to business.

Trying to gauge where Christian was at, Oprah asked how likely he was to vote from ‘a scale of one to 10.’

It didn’t seem like the Texan needed any extra convincing.

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Source: Daily Mail