Olympic Gymnast Said to Be Vladimir Putin’s Lover ‘Vanished After Giving Birth to Twins in Moscow Last Year’

A gymnast rumoured to be Vladimir Putin’s lover cut contact with friends and ‘vanished after giving birth to twins last year’ – but regularly carries out touching gestures for a former team-mate, a pal has revealed.

Alina Kabaeva, a famous 37-year-old Olympic gold medallist, has not been seen in public since 2018 when she was said to be two months pregnant with children thought to be fathered by Putin.

It was reported that Kabaeva gave birth to twin boys by caesarean section in April last year at a Moscow clinic but neither she nor Putin have confirmed this.

Despite her apparent disappearance from the public eye, she has kept up the touching habit of leaving flowers at the grave of the mother of a former teammate, a pal has claimed.

During her heyday in the 2000s, Kabaeva was part of an extremely successful trio of Russian gymnasts, along with Lyasan Utiasheva and Irina Chashchina.

The three friends won multiple medals but are no longer in close contact as Kabaeva and Chashchina prefer to live quietly, Utiasheva told Infox.ru this week.

Kabaeva’s former team mate says that every time she visits her mother’s grave there are flowers with a card saying: ‘With love from Alina’.

Utiasheva said she knows for certain the flowers are from Kabaeva because she doesn’t know anyone else named Alina.

While the pair now see each other only very rarely, Utiasheva said she knows she could call Kabaeva if she ever needed to and doesn’t begrudge her decision to shy away from contact.

‘If a person decides to lead a life that is closed from the eyes of society, this choice must be respected,’ Utiasheva said.

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Source: Daily Mail