Hippopotamus Drags a Child to His Death in Lake Victoria as Screaming Crowds Desperately Pelt the Animal With Rocks

A hippopotamus was caught on camera dragging a child to his death in Lake Victoria as screaming crowds desperately pelted the animal with rocks.

The little boy had been playing by the shore in Mbita, Kenya, as adults washed clothes nearby.

Footage shows the child submerged in the murky water as residents helplessly cried out.

The animal eventually released the boy but he died from his injuries.

In the clip, which was originally filmed on September 16, residents can be seen rushing toward the water’s edge.

Crowds scream and cry out in the background as the hippo drags the boy further out into the water.

The predator rears its head from under the surface as those gathered on the banks of the lake throw rocks and sticks in its direction.

One man can be heard saying ‘oh Jesus’ as the hippo continuously submerges itself under the water.

The boy’s body was later recovered.

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Source: Daily Mail