President Trump puts wad of cash into the collection box at mask-free church service in Vegas

President Donald Trump attended a high energy church service Sunday morning at the International Church of Las Vegas, where he pulled out eight bills – which looked to be $20s – to add to the collection plate.

The service was part concert, part prayer session and even part rally, as the church’s pastor Paul Marc Goulet, ticked off a list of Trump’s accomplishments.

‘He gave the church back a voice,’ Goulet said. ‘He’s given a voice to the unborn,’ the pastor added, earning Trump loud cheers and a partial standing ovation from the crowd.

Goulet also thanked Trump for making his third appearance at the non-denominational Christian church, where members worship to music and flag dancers. ‘This is your third time here. That means you’re really a church member,’ Goulet said.

Trump attended the indoor service alongside aides Hope Hicks, Kayleigh McEnany and Dan Scavino.

Only a smattering of worshippers were wearing masks.

Goulet talked about the need in the community because of the area’s high unemployment rate due to the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Right now we’re feeding about 25,000 people a month in the city. Because, Mr. President we went to about 28-29 per cent unemployment in our city and our Clark County and because of that we just have cars lining up,’ Goulet said.

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Source: Daily Mail