Asian Sotheby’s Realtor is Arrested After Telling Black Youtuber That Arizona Neighborhood is a ‘no-N***** Zone’ and Declaring ‘I Am a Racist’ in Shocking Rant Caught on Camera

An Asian man who worked as a Sotheby’s realtor is facing charges for telling two black men they were in a ‘no-n***** zone’ while proclaiming ‘I’m a racist’ in shocking confrontation in Arizona caught on video.

Paul Ng was arrested and booked on two disorderly conduct charges, both misdemeanors, after he confronted 25-year-old YouTuber Andre ‘Dre’ Abram and his roommate in Scottsdale on Friday morning around 7am.

The two were recording a podcast for Abram’s YouTube channel near Main Street when Ng approached them and asked what the two men were doing.

‘Why are you coming over here?’ Abram asks in the video when Ng gets close.

‘I just want to see what you guys are taking pictures of,’ Ng replies, adding ‘We’ve had trouble around here.’

Abram says he lives in Scottsdale and Ng had no right taking pictures of him on his phone.

‘I live in Scottsdale. Why are you taking pictures of me?… And I don’t know you. Do you know a lot of white men are doing racist things in this world sir?’

‘I’m a racist,’ Ng says pointing at himself, leading Abram to ask taken aback, ‘You are a racist?’

‘I’m a racist…so what’s the issue?’ Ng says.

‘So why are you here?’ Abram replies.

‘Because this is a no n***** zone,’ Ng says.

‘Not really,’ Abram says.

Abram ended the video saying he was going to continue to film his video in the space and Ng couldn’t do anything about it.

‘It’s a numbing feeling. Someone is seriously doing this to me right now? And at that point, it’s, “Be smart, be smart,”‘ Abram said to 12News.

He shared the video on his social media where he goes by LILAJDRE, where it gained more than 250,000 views on Instagram by Tuesday afternoon.

‘I want him prosecuted to the furthest extent. I feel like this is a huge example,’ Abram said.

In the video Abram said he thought Ng was an employee at the River Trading Post as their confrontation took place in front of the business.

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Source: Daily Mail