Video Seems to Show Florida Pastor Sylvester Ofori Threatening to Kill His Wife a Day Before He Fatally Shot Her

“Can I promise you something? If I don’t kill your sister then I am fake,” Sylvester Ofori, the self-styled prophet and leader of Floodgates of Heaven International Ministries in Orlando, Florida, threatened his brother-in-law last Monday before storming off.

A day later, Ofori, 35, who has more than 60,000 followers on social media, gunned down his wife, Barbara Tommey, 27, just before 9 a.m. near the front door of Navy Federal Credit Union on the 4600 block of Gardens Park Boulevard, the Orlando Police Department said.

In an affidavit cited by the Orlando Sentinel, witness told detectives that Ofori was holding a gun and was following his wife as she walked toward the bank. She knocked on the doors to get someone to let her in but Ofori shot her once and she collapsed a few feet away from her husband.

Witnesses say he then walked over to her as she lay dying and shot her a few more times in the head. He then walked back to his rented Dodge Journey, and drove away “as though nothing happened.” His wife was pronounced dead at Orlando Regional Medical Center later that morning.

Tommey’s sister recorded a fight between the estranged pair just a day earlier in which he promised to take her life, detectives confirmed. In what appears to be a portion of the video posted on Facebook, Ofori is introduced in an apparent headlock by his brother-in-law.

[To see video click here. Contains strong language]

Based on the conversation, Tommey appears to be defending her husband from being restrained by her brother after Ofori attacked her.

“No, it’s not OK Barbara, it’s not OK. You cannot defend him,” a woman, who appears to be her sister, says.

“You cannot always be assaulted and you sit back,” her brother tells her. “Call the cops!” he says as he lands a few blows to Ofori’s head.

Ofori would later be released by his brother-in-law, who accuses him of being a “fake.” The pastor then accuses his wife of being a “witch.” Before leaving the apartment where the fight takes place, he declares to his brother-in-law: “Can I promise you something? If I don’t kill your sister then I am fake.”

His wife urged her brother-in-law not to call the police as it would only “escalate” things.

Police said the couple had been estranged and had not been living together for about three months.

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Source: Christian Post