Tesla network goes down leaving drivers unable to connect to their cars with mobile app in massive outage

Tesla’s network completely dropped on Wednesday in a massive outage that left drivers unable to connect to their cars.

According to Electrek, internal systems were fully down and around 11am ET, leaving users unable to connect their vehicles to the mobile app.

Tesla staff were also unable “to process deliveries and orders” and the company’s website wasn’t working.

The outage also hit Tesla solar and Powerwall, the company’s in-home batteries.

Around noon ET, connectivity was reportedly returning for some users’ cars, the news outlet reported.

The outage – which appeared to be global – is said to be one of the “most wide-ranging” in Tesla’s history.

CEO Elon Musk did not immediately comment on what happened.

On Tuesday, a new battery technology that Tesla is working on was unveiled by Musk at a highly anticipated event.

Musk said the technology will allow the company to make sleeker and more affordable cars within the next three years.

The cars, Musk said, will be able to travel a much longer distance on a single charge.

The CEO said that Tesla’s new battery technology might be be ready for large scale production until 2022.

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Source: The Sun