Whistleblower claims that LA County Sheriff’s Department has been infiltrated by a gang of deputies calling themselves the ‘Executioners’ who sport matching Nazi tattoos and participate in illegal arrests

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has been plagued by a gang of deputies who sport tattoos with Nazi imagery and have infiltrated a station to enact civil rights abuses against the public, according to a claim made by a whistleblower.

In a claim filed in June against Los Angeles County, Deputy Sheriff Austreberto Gonzalez details that roughly a fifth of the 100 deputies at the Compton Station (CPT) are a part of the gang – called the Executioners.

Another 20 deputies are considered to be ‘prospects’ or close associates of the gang, the filing states.

The filing has prompted a response from Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who took to Facebook to announce that the department was putting its foot down when dealing with disingenuous deputies. ‘Swift administrative action’ is taking place as they look into the allegations.

The claim details that the Executioners ‘operate at CPT with impunity,’ with members acting out against their fellow deputies and the public to increase their standing in the organization.

Nearly all the members have a matching tattoo to symbolize their status in the gang – comprised of a skull with Nazi imagery and an AK-47. The firearm is heavily associated with gang activity and not with law enforcement, the claim states.

‘Members become inked as ‘Executioners’ after executing members of the public, or otherwise committing acts of violence in furtherance of the gang,’ the claim alleges. Those involved in fatal shootings are ‘immediately’ tatted during one of the many ‘inking parties.’

African-American deputies and women are not allowed to join the Executioners.

The claim names Deputy Jaime Juarez as the inked ‘shotcaller’ for the Executioners, and details how he and the gang participated in illegal work slowdowns and stopped performing their duties so that they could ‘impose their will’ on CPT.

Juarez is said to have attempted to flex the gang’s influence when trying to sway Captain Larry Waldie to change the Training and Scheduling deputy position. The role hands out shifts to deputies, a desired position for the gang who sought to use their own member to give preferential treatment for shifts.

When Waldie refused, the claim explains, Deputy Juarez and the Executioners responded by slowing their work. The claim states that the gang was paid full salaries as they did little work and costed taxpayers immense losses.

Source: Daily Mail