Christian Pastor Who Said Coronavirus Pandemic is ‘Mass Hysteria’ Dies From the Virus After Ministry Trip to New Orleans

A Christian pastor, who shared claims that coronavirus is media ‘mass hysteria’, is among the first people from Virginia to die from the deadly virus.

Landon Spradlin, 66, from Gretna in Virginia, passed away in Atrium Health Cabarrus hospital, in Concord, North Carolina, after complications with double pneumonia while also suffering from coronavirus.

He had fallen ill while travelling with a ministry to New Orleans with his wife.

Described as a ‘traveling musical minister’ and ‘fine guitarist’, Spradlin was visiting New Orleans with his wife and family to ‘wash it from its sin and debauchery,’ according to a statement on Friendly Atheist.

Before that, on 13 March, the 66-year-old Evangelist shared online a meme suggesting coronavirus deaths were comparable to that of swine flu.

The meme was also said to have implicated the media in a campaign to ‘hurt’ the reputation of US President Donald Trump, according to a report on Raw Story.

While Spradlin acknowledged the coronavirus pandemic was a ‘real issue’, he added, ‘the media is pumping out fear and doing more harm than good’.

He said the virus would ‘come and it will go’.

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Source: Daily Mail