WATCH: Patriots’ Tight End Benjamin Watson Shares How He Uses His Career to Bring Glory to God

NFL player Benjamin Watson told the senior pastor at a church in Rhode Island that his faith has made a significant impact on his life.

“We attach our value to our performance, and God is saying ‘No, you have value because I’ve created you in my own image and you have dignity because of that,’” he said, according to CBN News.

Watson was speaking with senior pastor Jordan Boyce as part of an interview at the church. In the interview, Boyce asked the football player how he uses his platform as an NFL star to point to Jesus.

“I think the biggest part of that is realizing that we must decrease, and he must increase,” Watson said. “We do exist for His glory, God created man and woman to glorify Him. Our ultimate purpose in life is to glorify God. He’s given us all talents and abilities, which we use, but ultimately, He created us to glorify Himself because He is God and He can do that.

“Ultimately we need to realize that. While we do exist to make Him famous and glorify Him, we also realize on the flip side that He doesn’t need us. That we are part of a larger body, globally, internationally, and it’s simply our turn to carry the torch,” he added.

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Source: Christian Headlines