Texas Longhorn Named Bucklehead Breaks the World Record for the Longest Horn Span Measuring a Staggering 11 Feet

A West Texas longhorn has unofficially broken the Guinness World Record for largest horn span on a steer.

The six-year-old longhorn, called Bucklehead, showed off his prodigious, tip to tip, 11-feet, 1.8-inch horn span at Lawton, Oklahoma’s Horn Showcase, which ran from October 4 to 5.

Guinness is currently reviewing the paperwork before deeming Bucklehead’s record official, so that it can be included in the 2020 record book, according to the San Angelo Standard-Times.

The previous record holder for largest horn span was a seven-year-old longhorn from Goodwater, Alabama, called Poncho Via. In May, his horns measured at 10 feet, 7.4 inches.

Bucklehead’s owner is 14-year-old Marceala Gonzales, of Rocksprings, Texas.

She won him almost five and a half years ago at another show when her name was picked during a draw.

Five breeders had donated steer to the raffle and when Marceala won, she was allowed to pick the steer she wanted. That was when she selected then six-month-old Bucklehead.

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Source: Daily Mail