Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Launches Center for Biblical Studies

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Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary launched the Center for Biblical Studies at Midwestern Seminary (CBS) Thursday (Oct. 3), offering another significant resource for academic advancement in service to the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention and beyond.

Midwestern research professor of New Testament and biblical theology Andreas Köstenberger will lead the Center to focus on scholarly excellence and biblical fidelity in ways that are hermeneutically sound and in keeping with historic Christianity and Baptist confessions of faith.

Of the CBS, Köstenberger said, “Regrettably, there is often a divide between the academic world and the church, between biblical scholars and people in our churches. Rightly understood, however, biblical scholarship exists for the church. At the Center for Biblical Studies at Midwestern Seminary, we will attempt to recapture the true purpose of biblical scholarship: to serve the church and to help God’s people grow in their knowledge of God and live for his glory.”

Highlights of the CBS’s contributions will include facilitating academic discussions in the fields of biblical studies via the podcast “Biblical Foundations,” featuring blog posts, articles, and other resources that are helpful to students, pastors, and ministry leaders; and sponsoring events that exhibit both scholarly excellence and fidelity to Scripture.

“The vision of the Center for Biblical Studies,” said Midwestern President Jason Allen, “is to engage in biblical scholarship for the church — for pastors and serious students of Scripture committed to the authority of God’s Word. We are an institution that is serious about serving the local church. To do that, we must be serious about biblical studies as well, and that’s why I’m thrilled for the opportunities ahead for current and potential students to engage with the Center for Biblical Studies.

“I can’t think of anyone more qualified to lead our Center for Biblical Studies than Dr. Andreas Köstenberger, who is among the most accomplished New Testament scholars in the greater evangelical world today. I am confident that he will impactfully lead and mentor our students to make significant scholarly contributions to the field of biblical studies for years to come.”

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Source: Baptist Press