Kim Kardashian Teases New Christian Album From Kanye West

(Photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)

Kim Kardashian teased a new Christian music album from her husband Kanye West on Instagram on Friday.

In a photo uploaded to Instagram that has already been liked over half a million times, a Bible opened in the Psalms can be seen next to what appears to be a tracklist for West’s new album on a notebook.

The list is headed ‘Jesus is King’ and then appears to list 12 songs with names like “Selah”, “God Is”, “Baptized” and “Sweet Jesus”.

At the bottom of the page is written the date “September 27th”.

Also seen in the picture is a notepad of what appears to be ideas for lyrics, with “He will defend” scrawled above the words “kingdom”, “lion” and “fire”.

Kim captioned the picture with the same date and prayer hands, causing much excitement among Kanye fans that the rapper is about to drop a Christian album. 

It would fit in with his latest project, Sunday Service, started this year initially as an exclusive Christian-themed gathering of close friends and family focused on music.

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Source: Christian Today