There’s a Devil Loose: Man Crawls in Through Popeyes Drive-Thru Window to Fight Staff Because There Were No More Chicken Sandwiches

There’s hunger, and then there’s crawling through a drive-thru window to fight someone because there’s no chicken sandwiches left. One Popeyes customer apparently chose the latter.

The dramatic scene was captured on camera by someone in the car behind the one the angry man had emerged from.

The scene was later shared on Facebook with a caption explaining the customer ‘got mad’ because there were no chicken sandwiches left.

The popular fast food restaurant launched its chicken sandwich, made up of a piece of fried chicken on a buttered brioche bun with pickles, earlier this month.

Of course, this combination of ingredients isn’t really that mind-blowing; most fast food chains have similar versions of their own. However, Popeyes have clearly done something right because for some reason their new dish has taken the US by storm – so much so that it’s basically become a meme.

According to social media users, some customers have been queuing for hours in an attempt to get their hands on the meal and the chicken sandwich has proven so popular that many locations started selling out.

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Source: Unilad