California Fisherman in Shark Attack Saved by Pet Pit Bull

James White’s pet pit bull Darby jumped right into action when he heard his owner’s cries for help as a shark’s teeth sank deep into the flesh of the fisherman’s leg.

“The first time I told somebody this, they were like, ‘You’re out of your mind, there’s no way that happened,'” White told NBC Bay Area last week. “Then I showed him the pictures and I’m like, ‘No it absolutely happened.'”

Three weeks ago, White, who is from Rohnert Park in California, was fishing on the shore of Bodega Bay in California’s Sonoma County. He had left Darby, who is about 1-year-old and weighs approximately 100 pounds, in his parked vehicle, as the location was close to traffic.

While fishing, White felt a strong pull on the line and struggled to reel in his catch. He told NBC Bay Area that it took about 10 minutes. “The only way I think I was able to get the line back is because it was swimming towards me,” he said.

Inadvertently, White had sunk his line into a 6 feet long sevengill shark. As the fisherman attempted to remove the hook from the massive fish, it flopped and sank its teeth into his leg.

“Immediately there was blood everywhere, the first bite punctured an artery,” White said. “The pressure was intense.”

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Source: Newsweek