One Mission Trip Gave This College Student Boldness to Share the Gospel

University of Mobile mission team members in Edinburgh, Scotland, include (from left) Johnny Howard, Lexi Kilsdonk, Samantha Nichols, Abbie McAuley and John Matheou. Submitted photo

International travel often changes who we are. It often challenges us to consider new perspectives, helps us interact with those who are different from us, and leaves us with special memories of missed trains, delayed flights and new foods.

That — and much more — happened to John Matheou, a senior majoring in worship leadership at the University of Mobile, during a Youth Hostel Missions trip. Youth Hostel Missions is the university’s overseas annual mission trip designed to give students opportunities to share the Gospel with other travelers while experiencing Christian community and intense discipleship.

Students stay in hostels (low-cost travel housing) and establish relationships with travelers from all over the world. They also get to tour some amazing places and blog about their experiences along the way.

Matheou’s journal entry below shows how international travel during the summer of his senior year challenged and changed him. Check out the rest of the YHM blogs at

Matheou’s story

I’ve spent the last three weeks on a Youth Hostel Missions trip with four other people from the University of Mobile. Traveling the United Kingdom and Ireland has genuinely been a life-altering experience. These past three weeks have shown me so many things about the Lord, His kingdom and His faithfulness.

Ultimately though, I think I learned the most about control.

This past semester I’ve really struggled with trying to control every outcome of every circumstance. However, during this trip, I was faced with a desperate notion to faithfully surrender to the will of Christ for every little thing that happened.

There were times when I genuinely wanted to be left alone or didn’t think that I had anything important to say to anyone, but the Lord urged me tremendously to rely on His wisdom in every conversation I had.

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Source: Baptist Press