Avril Lavigne Explains the Meaning Behind New Song “I Fell in Love With the Devil” After Criticism from Christian Fans

Nearly a year after re-emerging from a five-year hiatus with a song that was hailed as a “worship song,” pop-rocker Avril Lavigne now has a new single called “I Fell in Love With the Devil” that is causing a stir among some of her supporters.

The pop star’s gothic-styled promotional images have many slamming her choice of song title and photos, claiming she’s glorying evil.

“I fell in love with the devil/And now I’m in trouble/I fell in love with the devil/I’m underneath his spell (ah)/Someone send me an angel/To lend me a halo/I fell in love with the devil/Please, save me from this hell,” read the lyrics of the chorus.

In a recent interview with German newspaper Aargauer Zeitung, Lavigne explained that the song is really about a real-life toxic relationship she was in while battling Lyme disease.

“It was fierce and I was really scared. I was still weakened and already so vulnerable and fearful and insecure at the time. Then he came. That was what they call a ‘toxic relationship,’ and the only good thing is that it did not take long. I’m out of there fast, literally stormed. And as so often with me, a song evolved from the experience,” she told the outlet in February.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law