Steve Harvey Breaks Down After Listening to Gospel Singer Duranice Pace Performing On his TV Show

Gospel singer Duranice Pace was a guest on Steve Harvey’s show last week and although the popular TV host only meant to spotlight the singer’s story, it was her words to him that brought him to tears.

The segment kicked off with Pace sharing her story of a time she was fed rat poison and it led to the removal of half of her vocal cords.

“They said I’d never talk again but the man upstairs said you gonna sing again,” Pace tearfully testified, also revealing that she was diagnosed with cancer and was given just a few months to live. That was 11 years ago.

Harvey was noticeably inspired by her declaration of faith but it was what she said afterward that really inspired the famous comedian.

“I didn’t know if I was going to be alive but God done kept me alive to see you, sir,” she told Harvey. “This is Steve Harvey, he’s a good man. He loves the Lord and he’ll give you a helping hand.”

“God’s going to bless Steve Harvey,” she prophetically sang over him. “Keep on, keep on, you helped me to live, sir, keep on … you special.”

He then shared words his late mother, who was a devout Christian, told him. She foretold that God would give him a big house on the hill one day but she said, “you can’t get on the hill and tell nobody else how to get up there.”

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Source: Christian Post