Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Spurgeon College to Launch Basketball Program

Beginning in the fall, Spurgeon College will launch a basketball program as its first step into intercollegiate sports.

Philip Parker

With the Mathena Student Center now completed, the undergraduate arm of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Mo., has hired a head coach, Philip Parker, for the team to be known as the Knights.

At present, Spurgeon College has scheduled 11 games, beginning in mid-November. Parker said he hopes to have 15-20 games for the inaugural season.

In April, Midwestern’s trustees received plans to field sports teams at Spurgeon College and on May 13 the National Christian College Athletics Association officially accepted the college as a member.

“Many factors have come together to make college sports a possibility,” MBTS President Jason Allen said, “and we count it as another reminder of God’s kind providence and blessing upon our institution.”

Allen voiced gratitude to the NCCAA “for their partnership in bringing intercollegiate athletics to Spurgeon College.”

“We appreciate the focus of their mission, which is the promotion and enhancement of intercollegiate athletic competition with a Christian perspective,” Allen said. “This falls fully in line with what we hope to accomplish through sports programs at Spurgeon College — to be highly competitive and win championships but to do so in a manner that glorifies God and develops young people for a future of Christian ministry and toward expanding and strengthening Christ’s Kingdom.”

According to the organization’s website, the NCCAA is an association of Christ-centered collegiate institutions whose mission is to use athletic competition as an integral component of education, evangelism and encouragement. The NCCAA serves its members by setting association standards, developing communication resources, providing regional/national competition, and partnering in outreach to the collegiate communities and the world. They also are committed to equipping student-athletes and coaches to make a positive impact for Christ.

Parker comes to Spurgeon College after a five-year stint at Calvary University in Kansas City, where he started as a student assistant and worked his way to head assistant coach. He helped lead the rebuilding squad from a 1-20 record to a near-.500 record -– including a second-place finish in the Midwest Christian College Conference regular season during the 2018-2019 season.

“Even before being considered for this position,” Parker said of Spurgeon College, “I was well aware of the growth and progression of the school, and to now be a part of it is genuinely a dream come true.”

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Source: Baptist Press