Group of Christians Bring Medical Care, Aid, and the Gospel to War-Weary Syrians

William receiving a Bible from FBR Team/ Courtesy: Dave Eubank

As conflict continues to rage in Syria, whether it be from the civil war or the battle against the remaining factions of ISIS, Christians are on the front lines bringing God’s word to Syrians in need.

Dave Eubank, founder of the Free Burma Rangers (FBR), is leading the charge. The former US Army Special Forces officer and his group of Christians have been working in this region since 2015. They bring medical care and vital aid to desperate Syrians every day.

One of the most important tools they bring with them is the Bible.

The FBR team was recently working at a school in Dadat, Manbjji just a few miles away from the Free Syrian Army and their Turkish Army support. Despite the risk of encountering Al Qaeda and ISIS fighters who regularly shoot into this area, Eubank’s team shared the gospel with local school children in a program they run called the “Good Life Club.”

“We did the program and I gave my testimony of calling on Jesus. I offered to give out Bibles and one teacher named Abdulsattar, said right way, ‘Please give me, I want one.’ I gave him a Bible and other teachers too. Afterwards, we promised to help the school with the new roof they need,” Eubank said in a statement.

Hours later, he received an unexpected email from Abdulsattar.

“Yesterday I felt the love and compassion you are sharing. Then, I realized how the Americans have fought not only for America but also for the world!” Abdulsattar wrote.