Franklin Graham & Other Conservatives Criticize Actor Jim Carrey for Posting Illustration of Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Being Aborted

Evangelist Franklin Graham has slammed actor Jim Carrey for his sickening depiction of Alabama governor Kay Ivey being killed by abortion. Carrey was protesting Gov. Ivey’s signing of a sweeping pro-life law that will make abortion all but illegal across the southern state.

“I think If you’re going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama,” Carrey wrote, alongside a graphic illustration of Ivey having her brain sucked out of her head by an abortionist.

Many have criticised Carrey for the disturbing image, while others believe it proves that Carrey openly admits that abortion is murder.

“Did you see Jim Carrey’s tweet with his drawing showing AL Gov. Kay Ivey being ‘aborted’ – sucked apart by an abortionist?” Franklin Graham wrote on Facebook. “Well it just shows that Jim Carrey and others do know beyond any doubt that abortion is the taking of another person’s life – murder.”

Graham also described the artwork as “sick” and criticized Twitter for not censoring such a horrific image. “Wonder why Twitter doesn’t have a problem with Jim Carrey’s threatening message of hate?” he questioned.

Senator Ted Cruz also reacted to the tweet, calling the left “vicious, angry & consumed by hate,” while conservative commentator Ben Shapiro noted that the illustration was a “pretty great depiction of an abortion: clinically accurate, and wiping out an individual human life.”

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Source: Christian Headlines