Wheaton Professors Author ‘Understanding Scientific Theories of Origins’ College Textbook Bridging the Bible to ‘Mainline Science’

Five Christian college professors have coauthored what they believe is the first college textbook examining mainstream scientific theories “from a biblical and theological perspective.”

The professors team-teach a class the “Theory of Origins” class at Wheaton University, where they examine earth history, the origin of life, the origins of species, evolution, and human origins from a Christian perspective. The professors have backgrounds in the philosophy of science, theology, physics, geology, chemistry, and biology.

The book works to take science, philosophy, theology, and the Bible seriously. John Walton, professor of Old Testament, authors a section outlining principles of biblical interpretation and providing careful readings of texts from Genesis.

He said that the authors, “feel that it’s a unique product compared to all the other kinds of textbooks that are out there.” He continued, “It’s a Christian textbook that presents mainline science as legitimate science. Lots of times, Christian books are more or less using mainline science as a foil or as the enemy. Of course, we don’t do that. We present the mainline science. At the same time, we present the limits of science in some of the ways that philosophy of science needs to understand.”

InterVarsity Press published the book, titled Understanding Scientific Theories of Origins, and the BioLogos Foundation provided funding for the project. BioLogos says its mission is to invite “the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith as we present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation.” Former National Institute of Health Director Francis Collins founded the foundation to “highlight the harmony between science and faith.”

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Source: Christian Headlines