The Father Daughter Dance That Made Prison Guards Cry

“Just because a father is locked in doesn’t mean he should be locked out of his daughter’s life.”

That’s the premise behind a unique father-daughter dance that happened in an unlikely place– a jail.

In this Ted Talk, Angela Patton, founder of Camp Diva, a nonprofit organization that helps African-American girls prepare for their passage into womanhood, explained how the unique event came about and what it means for those involved.

Patton said she meets with girls on a regular basis and in one of the gatherings the girls decided to hold a father-daughter dance as a way to encourage healthy relationships with their fathers.

The idea caught fire as the girls starting planning where it would be held, what they would eat, what they would wear and what their fathers could and could not wear.

But the discussion stopped when one girl said, “My dad can’t come to the dance and this whole thing is making me sad.” Brianna’s father is in jail.

So the suggestion was made, “Let’s have the dance in the jail.”

A bold idea that was met with skepticism.  As one girl observed, “Who would let a bunch of little girls go to a jail for a dance?” But Patton said, “You never know unless you ask.”

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Source: Church Leaders