Ronnie Floyd to Release New Book ‘How to Pray: Developing an Intimate Relationship With God’

Ronnie Floyd is transparent about prayer as foundational and monumental in his life and ministry.

A passion for prayer marks his personal conversations and his preaching and, now, it fills “How to Pray: Developing an Intimate Relationship with God.”

“When we pray, we are depending on God. When we do not pray, we are depending on ourselves,” Floyd told Baptist Press upon the book’s April release from Thomas Nelson — a 20th anniversary revised and expanded edition of his earlier book also titled “How to Pray.”

“Learning how to pray is never-ending. We need to become students in prayer,” he said. The new edition has been rewritten from cover to cover and includes several new chapters, such as “How to Pray for the Sick,” “How to Pray for Your Family,” “How to Pray for Your Pastor and Church” and “How to Pray for America.”

“This book is different because I am different,” Floyd, president/CEO-elect of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee, writes. “I am not the same man I was twenty years ago. God has taught me so much more about prayer,” fueling his intent to help others join in a deepened walk with God.

“Prayer is vital to my life,” he told BP. “God’s Word speaks to me and prayer is my response to God’s Word in my life. When we pray, God moves powerfully — personally and in the church of Jesus Christ.

“Joy occurs in your prayer life,” he added, “when you know you have connected with God effectively and when you know God has answered your prayer.”

Floyd conveys personal experiences and practical counsel across five sections in the book encompassing 19 chapters:

— Part One: An Introduction to Prayer, with chapters on What Prayer Is All About, Why Christians Do Not Pray” and “How to Have a Meaningful Time with God.”

— Part Two: Keys to a Powerful Prayer Life, setting forth How to Pray According to God’s Will, How to Pray in Jesus’ Name and How to Pray in the Spirit.

— Part Three: Moving to a New Level in Prayer — How to Call Upon the Lord, How to Pray It Through, How to Pray for One Another, How to Do Warfare Praying and How to Empower Your Prayers.

— Part Four: Barriers to Prayer — The Wall of Strained Relationships, The Wall of Improper Motives and The Wall of an Unrepentant Heart.

Part Five: Prayer for Others — How to Pray for the Sick, How to Pray for Your Family, How to Pray for Your Pastor and Church, How to Pray for America and How Prayer Influences Others.

The book concludes with a section titled “A Personal Prayer Plan for Your Life.”

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Source: Baptist Press