Pastor Shane Pruitt Releases New Book ‘9 Common Lies Christians Believe: And Why God’s Truth Is Infinitely Better’

Shane Pruitt. (Image courtesy: PureFlix Insider)

After nearly two decades as a pastor, speaker, and Christian leader, Shane Pruitt has discovered some of the pervasive “lies” that too many people of faith have come to believe. And he’s on a mission to right these theological wrongs in an effort to stop misplaced beliefs from holding people back in their faith.

Pruitt, who recently released a new book titled, 9 Common Lies Christians Believe: And Why God’s Truth Is Infinitely Better, recently told “The Pure Flix Podcast” about how these common cliches and proclamations have had a negative impact on the faithful.

“There’s these one-liners, these cliches that we … have adopted into the Christian community, baptized them and have made them a part of our vernacular,” Pruitt said.”But they’re not necessarily biblically true, and they’re actually lies that will hold us back in our faith.”

Among the lies some Christians believe, though, is one that perhaps has the most pervasive impact. It can be found in the popular adage: “Follow your heart.”

“There’s one lie that is at the bedrock or foundation of all these other lies,” Pruitt said, noting that it is the lie that tells people they’re in control or that they are at the center of their own universe. It’s a lie that culture values — but one that is totally and utterly false.

“Who is the center of your universe?” he asked. “Is it you or is it Christ?”

Pruitt shared his own personal story to illustrate why he started becoming more interested in exploring the lies too many Christians have come to believe. His journey started with his son, Titus, whom he and his wife adopted from Uganda.

Titus’ birth was traumatic, and the boy was faced with a great deal of medical issues.

“[His mom] died during childbirth and so by the time Titus was brought into a clinic from way out of town he was almost in a comatose state,” Pruitt said, noting that there were many complications and health woes. “But we didn’t know the severity of those needs until we got back to the states.”

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Source: CBN