Faith-Based Film ‘Breakthrough’ Opens in the Top 3 in the Box Office and Wins Over Critics

The faith-based film Breakthrough reached hit status its opening weekend, opening in the Top 3 and grossing more than $11 million. It even won over mainstream critics.

The PG-rated movie tells the story of a boy who was thought dead after he plunged through an icy pond and didn’t have a pulse for 45 minutes. But when his mother began praying at the hospital, his heart started beating again.

Breakthrough grossed $11.2 million on opening weekend, trailing only The Curse of La Llorona ($26.3 million) and Shazam! ($16.4 million). Its per-theater average($3,995) ranked No. 2.

Audiences gave it an “A” CinemaScore rating.

Mainstream critics also liked Breakthrough– a rare feat for a faith-based film. At the aggregate site, 64 percent of critics rated it as “fresh.” Only eight other faith films have reached “fresh” status, according to

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Source: Christian Headlines