How God Led Jeffrey and Kristine Moore to Adopt Four Children

Jeffrey and Kristine Moore’s incredible adoption story all started with a calling — a vision from God. (Screenshot courtesy:

Jeffrey and Kristine Moore’s incredible adoption story all started with a calling — a vision from God that led the husband and wife on a 10-year journey that culminated in 2017 in Peru when they lovingly adopted four adorable siblings: Elizabeth, Jhonatan, Mariaelena, and Talia.

It’s a story of faith, hope, patience, and perseverance. Despite facing pitfalls and challenges along the way, Jeffrey and Kristine persisted and carried through with the plans they believed God had set before them.

And it’s particularly remarkable considering Jeffrey’s initial reluctance to adopt — something that eventually changed in a dramatic way.

“We had an early discussion in our marriage about adoption,” Jeffrey recently told, noting that the adoption conversation was sparked after they faced two miscarriages. “At the time I had said, ‘I don’t think I could adopt. I don’t think I could love a child that wasn’t my own biologically.’”

But Jeffrey believes God worked on his heart — a transformation that unfolded after he had a life-altering vision.

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The story of adoption began because God called us to it. I had a vision, and it was really, really powerful,” he said. “I was floating in the ocean at night. It was very calm and peaceful, and I was being carried by something in the water, like a current pushing me toward something.”

He recalls the water getting shallow and walking on a beach of what appeared to be a deserted tropical island. That’s when he saw something brilliant.

“There were all of these jewels or gemstones that were lying around in the sand, and every one of them was glowing with this internal fire,” Jeffrey explained. “All these points of light … and I just felt compelled to reach out and pick one up.”

At that point, the vision ended, but Jeffrey said he felt God speak something into his spirit.

“‘He said, ‘My son, are you willing to be carried by my spirit to a land far away to pick up the jewels that no one else even knows about?’” he recalled, noting that he knew God wanted him and Kristine to go to another country and culture to adopt children.

From there, their harrowing journey began. The Moores turned to Adopt Together, a crowdfunding platform that helps families raise resources to complete the adoption process.

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Source: CBN